Scrum Master Role

Scrum Master


You are a servant leader, communicative and social, you facilitate as much as you assert. You are situationally aware, enthusiastic and have as much of an interest in Kaizen as you have in conflict resolution.  Your attitude of empowerment and desire for transparency bring about disclosure to the business about development and business growth.


You have been actively implementing Scrum either in the financial world or somewhere else for around five years and you are looking for a new environment, an opportunity where not everything is quite as clear yet. Release management in a bank, funding models, those are all issues the Agile Centre of Excellence.  We are looking for an individual that strongly identifies with and embodies the spirit of the agile manifesto and its principles. A person ready to step up at anytime and become as much of a coach as they could be a Scrum Master.


Key Accountabilities:

  • Serve as a senior team member, responsible for facilitating the adoption, implementation
    and sustainability of Agile processes, principles, and practices
  • Provide high-touch and hands-on team guidance, support, and coaching in close cooperation and collaboration across all roles and functions, to facilitate increasing maturity at a sustainable pace
  • Provide training to Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Teams (i.e., individual and workshops)
  • Serve as an advisor to teams; leading by example and challenging the status quo
  • Perform ongoing assessments of the teams’ Scrum maturity to inform ongoing support decisions
  • Cultivate Communities of Practice
  • Partner with Scrum Masters to identify and support opportunities to increase team maturity
  • Help teams continuously reflect and improve, becoming more effective in their roles and
  • Increasing their predictability, collaboration, and quality practices
  • Promote environment and culture of experimentation and innovation
  • Foster a trusting environment focused on servant leadership and continuous improvement
  • Draft and maintain training materials, collect and collate feedback from training sessions
  • Ensure Agile adherence and consistency while maintaining teams’ abilities to be self-directed
  • Govern and life the values of the agile principles and practices


  • Authority to execute the mandate of Agile COE and DevOps

 Scope & Impact

  • The activities of this role impact the work of Technology development and delivery groups


Desired Behaviours

  •  You are experienced with working in engineering teams, as a Scrum Master,
  • You have a good understanding of coaching
  • You are not afraid to raise issues and remove impediments from your team(s)
  • You care about learning new things and improving existing challenges
  • You have passion for agile and know how to temper it during the long transformation will have to go on.

Key Performance Indicators

Within targets of Agile COE and DevOps :

  • Agile enabled delivery teams
  • In-team active coaching
  • Engagement / Initiation support
  • Health Checks and Risk Monitoring
  • Governance Design

Cross-Functional Relationship

  • Development Teams – team guidance, support, and coaching in close cooperation and collaboration across all roles and functions
  • Technology Management Roles – Present state of Agile practices, propose change initiatives, gain group consensus and approval, exchange ideas and align change activities
  • Project Management – Guidance and understanding of agile principles and practices
  • Business Management – Guidance and understanding of agile principles and practices


 Knowledge & Skills 

  • Over five years of experience in software development and/or project delivery  
  • Journeyman practitioner of Scrum (Minimum of three (3) years as a practicing Scrum Master)
  • Journeyman practitioner of Lean (Minimum of two (2) years of practicing some Lean/Kanban principles and practices)
  • Some examples of coaching teams to adopt Agile methodologies
  • Ability to facilitate discussion at all levels of the organization to resolve conflicts
  • Experience with approaches for scaling Agile without using Frameworks
  • Stays current in the Agile space as exemplified by ongoing education in Agile frameworks training, conference attendance, user group participation and self-study

Working knowledge of Agile development methods/techniques (such as User Stories. Test Driven Development, continuous testing, etc)

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