for todays professionals

We understand

Finding reliable and skilled candidates that fit your organizations needs and culture can be difficult.

We define

Our mission is to understanding what makes your organization and the ideal candidate a perfect match

We connect

We have a large network with some of the Canada's leading IT software professionals.


Agile at the core, lean in practice

 Through the use of innovative technologies and data tools, we have developed an innovative research method that guarantees high-quality candidates in the most efficient means possible. 

top talent

Our innovative research model allows us to operate in a lean and agile manner so we can provide competitive costs giving your organization the best candidates within your budget.   

quick Placements

Through the use of technology, candidate referrals and data tools, we have developed an innovative research method that helps 

high Retention

We stay engaged with our clients, making sure our placements continue to meet your organizations needs. 

We can help find you the perfect candidate.

Its about
meaningful connections


It's about making meaningful long-term connections and that doesn't happen overnight.


We work with continuous feedback loops to help guarantee the perfect match


If our suggested candidates don’t fit your needs, we iterate the process and specifications to find your perfect candidate

What our clients say

Let us help you find the perfect fit